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Partnering with DesignRush: Transforming the Industry Together

At With Thomas, we're thrilled to unveil our collaboration with entrepreneur Gianluca Ferruggia in the creation of DesignRush, a platform that began its journey in 2017.

The Birth of DesignRush

The brainchild of Gianluca Ferruggia, DesignRush emerged with a vision to revolutionize the way individuals and businesses find top-notch agencies and professionals across diverse sectors—ranging from design and marketing to website and mobile development. Our team at With Thomas united to create a system that simplifies the process of comparing services, enabling users to identify the perfect partners for their specific business needs.

Agile Approach for Innovation

Utilizing the Scrum methodology, we built a flexible and scalable platform at With Thomas. This approach allowed us to swiftly adapt to changing requirements and user feedback, ensuring DesignRush remained responsive to the evolving demands of our audience.

The Impact of DesignRush's Development

DesignRush has forged connections among over 20,000 registered digital agencies from 50+ countries. Decision-makers worldwide rely on DesignRush to kickstart or expand their projects. The platform's robust capabilities enable users to explore top partner firms, comparing crucial factors like expertise, team compositions, client reviews, and pricing. DesignRush has become an invaluable resource for making informed decisions and finding the perfect agency fit.

Proud Contributors to DesignRush's Success

At With Thomas, we take immense pride in our role in DesignRush's development. Witnessing the platform empower talented professionals to soar to new heights in their careers brings us immense satisfaction. We're honored to have contributed to the connections that drive innovation and success across global industries.

A Shared Commitment to Innovation

Our collaboration with Gianluca Ferruggia and DesignRush embodies a dedication to innovation, efficiency, and empowering professionals worldwide. Together, we strive to create solutions that transcend boundaries, enabling businesses to achieve unprecedented success.

You can get to know us better by visiting WithThomas profile at DesignRush

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